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The excitement of launching and growing a venture can be overshadowed by challenges. Seeking a smarter path? Join our unique community of space and deep-tech leaders.

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Become part of an elite space where tech founders unite, learn, and flourish collectively.

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Connect with a close-knit community of audacious leaders. Collaborate, gather feedback, validate your ideas, exchange insights, and discover partnership opportunities in a community envisioned just for you.

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Dive into our expanding repository of resources. From brand strategy, vision crafting, to marketing and growth hacking, get the tools you need to move faster.

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Access AMA (Ask me anything), Q&As and webinars on growth, brand, strategy and marketing, honed to the demands of space ventures. Immerse, inquire, and ignite your next phase of growth.

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In the business of innovation, it's easy to feel adrift. Harness collective insights in our Feedback Arena; refine, pivot, and launch with confidence.

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Have a business hurdle? Share it in our Challenge Arena. Collaborate, brainstorm, and unearth solutions with fellow members.


Basic $99

  • Community rooms
  • Networking
  • Resources
  • Replays
  • Monthly themed AMA
  • Monthly spotlight
  • Shape the community

Pro $299

  • Everything from Basic
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Quarterly Exclusive Guest
  • Pro Resources
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  • Quarterly consultation
  • Priority consulting access

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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've addressed the most common ones below. Dive in for quick answers.

What is the main goal of this community?
Empower space and tech startup founders through shared insights, resources, and guidance.
Who is this community ideal for?
Founders of 1-5yo tangible technology startups and scaleups, from pre-seed to Series B.
Is it only for space companies?
While our primary focus is on space sector, we welcome adjacent niches like deep tech, biotech, and more.
Is it exclusive to founders?
Yes, to maintain quality and relevancy. However, Pro members receive a guest pass for their marketing personnel for specific activities and resources.
Is the community open to everyone?
No, all potential members undergo a selection process to ensure the community's quality and relevance.
What makes this community different from others?
It's niche-focused, expert-curated, and designed specifically for the challenges of space startups.
Are there networking opportunities?
Yes, from general networking hubs to exclusive industry leader interactions for Pro members.
How does the community facilitate idea validation?
Through collective feedback in dedicated rooms and expert-led sessions.
What formats do the sessions take?
AMAs, webinars, and deep-dive discussions tailored to founders' needs. 
How often are events or webinars held?
Monthly for the Basic tier, with additional sessions for Pro members.
Is there any one-on-one mentorship or consulting available?
Yes, one-on-one consulting is available as an upgrade. Pro members also get a priority access to retained consulting. 
How is the community moderated?
It's professionally moderated to ensure quality discussions and a respectful environment. 
How do you ensure the privacy of information?
We prioritize member privacy. Discussions are confidential to members, and we have strict guidelines against information sharing outside the community. The content is not available to search indexing engines and machine learning bots.

Trusted by


Worked closely with Patrick of Hypergalactic on a brand strategy workshop. His dedication and commitment, combined with serious approach, drove our project's success. Patrick's amiable personality and willingness to address our specific needs made the entire process enjoyable and efficient !

Sylvain Bataillard, COO, HyPrSpace


Highly recommend Patrick Kizny & his firms. A standout generalist, Patrick's cross-disciplinary skills shine. Attracted by his visual aesthetics for a marketing film, we found deep insights in branding & design. His professionalism, strategic planning, and clear payment approach made partnering effortless.

István Lőrincz, President, Morpheus Space


Highly endorse. Patrick Kizny is a branding master. Selected for their design prowess, their real strength was blending our mission, tech, and audience into a clear identity. Their efficient process, precise deliverables, and great value made collaboration seamless and worthwhile.

Amelia Taylor, Founder, Power Bloom Solar Inc.


Patrick brought an unparalleled perspective in just an hour of consultancy. Drawing from his expertise across various sectors, he imparts a profound understanding of how to evolve a space brand. This session was illuminating and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to navigate the space industry with a fresh, insightful approach.

Julia Vergnol, Head of marketing, Nitrexo


I was fortunate to participate in a consulting service with Patrick on our social media brand strategy. He demonstrated a clear understanding of the New Space. His fresh, forward-thinking approach provided a solid platform to analyze our brand vision. The strategic insights were clear and actionable, plus the post-call materials provided even more insights. I found it to be a valuable experience and would recommend the service.

Sam Bender, Marketing & Communications, Reflex

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