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Elevate your venture with our flagship space brand program.

This is the "all-in", fully bespoke approach to transform your startup into a thriving business. For your rivals? A masterclass in envy.


Outmaneuver the market and your  rivals. Nurture a bold vision, build a culture of innovation.


Brand strategy, positioning, messaging, social media, personal and employer branding, culture…


Drive the narrative through swift marketing, razor-sharp comms, and first-class design.


Visual identity, brand imagery, website, decks, film & animation…


Iterate, adapt to market shifts. Foster more than a resilient business - construct a lasting brand legacy.


Ongoing support and consultations, course corrections.


Minimum $10M in secured funding, 6-12 months commitment, bespoke service, starting at $100K+
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Amplify your presence with à la carte creative services.

Every touchpoint tells your story. Make it work for you, not against. Craft a narrative that commands attention and instills trust. 

Brand Identity Design


Messaging & Narrative


Brand Imagery

3D Animation


$15K minimum engagement


Supercharge your team.

Inject black-belt expertise to elevate the results delivered by your team and skyrocket your growth.

A solo marketer isn't a strategy. Leading growth isn't a two-person task—it's a mission. Many founders miscalculate effort versus results, leading teams to scramble and under-deliver.

There's a better way.
Our best minds. On demand.

Retained consulting

Get priority access to continued, structured support of our principal to solve the toughest problems and navigate change. 

$5000 / month

Mini audits

Achive clarity and actionable insights on granular problems standing in your way. Positioning? Messaging? Design? Comms? You got it!


Single consultation

90 minutes is often enough to get the roadblock off the way and see things in a new way. Better way.



Patrick brought an unparalleled perspective in just an hour of consultancy. Drawing from his expertise across various sectors, he imparts a profound understanding of how to evolve a space brand. This session was illuminating and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to navigate the space industry with a fresh, insightful approach.

Julia Vergnol, Head of marketing, Nitrexo


We worked closely with Patrick Kizny on our brand strategy. His dedication and commitment, combined with serious approach, drove our project's success. Patrick's amiable personality and willingness to address our specific needs made the entire process enjoyable and efficient!

Sylvain Bataillard, COO, HyPrSpace


I was fortunate to participate in a consulting service with Patrick on our social media brand strategy. He demonstrated a clear understanding of the New Space. His fresh, forward-thinking approach provided a solid platform to analyze our brand vision. The strategic insights were clear and actionable, plus the post-call materials provided even more insights. I found it to be a valuable experience and would recommend the service.

Sam Bender, Marketing & Communications, Reflex


Highly recommend Patrick Kizny & his firms. A standout generalist, Patrick's cross-disciplinary skills shine. Attracted by his visual aesthetics for a marketing film, we found deep insights in branding & design. His professionalism, strategic planning, and clear payment approach made partnering effortless.

István Lőrincz, President, Morpheus Space


Highly endorse. Patrick Kizny is a branding genius. Selected for the design prowess, but their real strength was blending our mission, tech, and audience into a clear identity. Efficient process, precise deliverables, and great value made collaboration seamless and worthwhile.

Amelia Taylor, Founder, Power Bloom Solar Inc.

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