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July 10, 2023
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Internal marketing team: not the heroes you wanted. The heroes you need.

Is your internal marketing team a duo of cosmic superheroes, capable of handling brand strategy heavy-lifting, writing copy that lands, generating leads, designing brand imagery that inspires, developing websites, and on top producing Hollywood-grade films?

No, they are not.


Astronauts don't build rockets, they fly them.

Same applies to your marketing team. They're the pilots, not the engineers.

Imagine this: Two brave souls, bursting with talent and ambition, thrown into the expanse of space firm marketing with a mission larger than the universe itself. Expectations are high, higher than the tip of a Falcon 9 at full thrust. The result? A team overwhelmed, scrambling, lost among unconnected activities.

Trust in branding and marketing? Vanishing faster than a shooting star.

Let's play with the dials.

You have an internal marketing team. They're steering the ship, navigating the asteroid field. The catch? They have backup. A crack team of external consultants and creative execution professionals to aid in their mission.

No astronaut flies solo.

They've got a support crew on the ground, guiding, supporting, executing. Need a rebrand? External support is there. A new website? Call in the backup. Your internal team, now free to take the lead on initiatives, free from the burden of execution.

Here’s another scenario:

  • Founder hires an internal marketing team.
  • They take the lead.
  • They command.
  • They work with external experts for support, training, and to plug competency gaps.
  • They collaborate with an external firm to execute projects.
  • They succeed.

Brand trust and reputation? Thriving.

Think your internal team can't achieve this?

Think they're destined to drift lost and alone in the cosmic void of space marketing?

Think again.

Because no one expected a man on the moon until there was one.

And, hey, don't forget: we at hypergalactic have space suits ready, prepped for takeoff.

That's not saying you can't fly solo. That's saying you don't have to.

The choice is yours, Captain.

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Worked closely with Patrick of Hypergalactic on a brand strategy workshop. His dedication and commitment, combined with serious approach, drove our project's success. Patrick's amiable personality and willingness to address our specific needs made the entire process enjoyable and efficient !

Sylvain Bataillard, COO, HyPrSpace


Highly recommend Patrick Kizny & his firms. A standout generalist, Patrick's cross-disciplinary skills shine. Attracted by his visual aesthetics for a marketing film, we found deep insights in branding & design. His professionalism, strategic planning, and clear payment approach made partnering effortless.

István Lőrincz, President, Morpheus Space


Highly endorse. Patrick Kizny is a branding master. Selected for their design prowess, their real strength was blending our mission, tech, and audience into a clear identity. Their efficient process, precise deliverables, and great value made collaboration seamless and worthwhile.

Amelia Taylor, Founder, Power Bloom Solar Inc.


Patrick brought an unparalleled perspective in just an hour of consultancy. Drawing from his expertise across various sectors, he imparts a profound understanding of how to evolve a space brand. This session was illuminating and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to navigate the space industry with a fresh, insightful approach.

Julia Vergnol, Head of marketing, Nitrexo


I was fortunate to participate in a consulting service with Patrick on our social media brand strategy. He demonstrated a clear understanding of the New Space. His fresh, forward-thinking approach provided a solid platform to analyze our brand vision. The strategic insights were clear and actionable, plus the post-call materials provided even more insights. I found it to be a valuable experience and would recommend the service.

Sam Bender, Marketing & Communications, Reflex

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